Monday, March 21, 2011

January-2 and half stars

This book wasn't bad. I found it on the shelf at our Library and checked it out before even reading what it was about. There is a little bit of swearing that I didn't care for and it was a little silly how they tied in her sisters spirit with a knife...    It's a fun book, I wish I had been bless with the talents of the main character... the love story wasn't too exciting but still kept me a little on edge.

Maeve Leahy is a busy professor of languages at a university in upstate New York. So busy that she leaves little time for memories—the memory of her lost twin, Moira, and of her many lost opportunities.
Until a childhood relic and a series of anonymous notes changes everythingresurrects her long-dead dreams, a lost language, her most painful recollections, and prompts her to cross an ocean in search of ancient history.
There, Maeve will learn new truths about her past, and come face to face with the one thing she truly fears. Only then can she choose between the safe yet lonely life she's built for herself and one of risk, with bonds she knows can be both heart-breakingly delicate and more enduring than time.


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